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QuickBooks Online, like Wave, is designed to help users find answers to questions using a variety of resources, and it encourages users to access live support as a last resort. Like Wave, QuickBooks Online also lets you enter all transactions manually, a nice option for those who don’t want to connect their banking institutions to the software.

Unlike other accounting software programs, collections and fixed asset management are also offered. Additionally, QuickBooks also provides cash management. Unlike most free accounting software plans, Wave doesn’t limit you to a certain number of invoices, customers, or transactions, making it one of the best free options out there.

I have decided to try Wave Accounting based on your revue. If you just want invoicing software, no integrations, no accounting, then check out our invoicing software reviews here.

We’ve explored reviews of Wave from across the web to get an idea of how the product is used and rated. Wave also has a dedicated section on their website called Wave University. It contains lots of useful information and support guides to make financially managing your business easier and talks you through exactly how to use the app.

My invoices look professional and are easy to read. It would be nice if they provided the ability to tweak the spacing. I have been using Wave for more than a year, I am not sure how they got 4 star rating.

Payment solutions for your business

Sorry but I went running to Quick Books Self-Employed. I loved Wave Apps until I sent my third invoice to a client.

GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping is an easy-to-use bookkeeping software program perfect for small-business owners who don’t need more than the basics. However, it’s worth noting that Wave’s free accounting app doesn’t include payroll services. Small-business owners can add self-service payroll for $20 per month, plus $4 per employee or contractor. In some states, you can also choose full-service payroll for $35 per month, plus the $4 monthly charge for every employee and contractor.

The software is designed specifically for the small business owner to use, no matter what kind of bookkeeping background they come from. The software supports multiple companies and offers personal accounting as well. A direct Etsy integration https://simple-accounting.org/wave-accounting-review/ also makes Wave an ideal accounting software for Etsy sellers. Wave’s free and limitless invoice software enables you to easily create and send professional invoices, with advanced features like recurring billing and automatic payments.

I am now told that is not even slated for THIS year. After you save the invoice (don’t select “save and send,” just “save”), you should be directed to a page where you’ll have the option to turn off credit card payments for that invoice at the top of the page.

But, despite these drawbacks, Wave is still the best free accounting software out there. Every invoice paid is positive incoming revenue for your business.

I am quite upset and angry as this has taken me time and effort to set this all up. I would appreciate some to get in touch with me asap. Unfortunately, you can’t import previous invoices into Wave. You CAN import bank transactions, https://simple-accounting.org/ however, which should serve your purposes; that way, the only invoices you need to enter in Wave are the open ones. Is there any plans by Wave to create (or let users) create custom templates for their invoices?

Wave vs. QuickBooks Online: An overview

Zoho Books’ website is a little less polished than some of the others on this list, but don’t let the site design turn you off to the product. Zoho Books covers bookkeeping, invoicing, expense tracking, tax compliance, and more. Their client portal feature lets you easily connect with every customer to share price quotes and estimates and receive payments.

Once things were perfect, I went to send a pdf of my company income report – the system bumped me out. No problem, I’ll just log back in…But I couldn’t log back in – it wouldn’t recognize my password. Why offer support when you have no intention of actually helping people? Why respond one time and then ignore me for days after?

Wave Accounting

We have used UpSide for past couple years and Mike and staff are simply top notch! Very knowledgeable and made tax time much easier than in our past experiences with other accounting firms. Thanks for all your great advice and always being available to discuss our needs. Mjke is easy to talk to and a real asset to my small business.

I have 0 employees and I’m trying to start a business. I tried using excel but, I feel like I need to be an accountant to do that. So as you can see book keeping stuff is so not my strong suit. Unfortunately, it sounds like you were using locally installed software, which means Intuit won’t have the data you need. It would have been stored directly on your computer, unless you used a cloud-based backup service.

  • Tech support was painfully slow to respond and did not offer a solution.
  • SlickPie is also the only no-cost accounting program to offer automated data entry, through its tool, MagicBot.
  • Wave offers free accounting software tailored toward freelancers, business consultants, and other service-based small-business owners who don’t carry inventory.
  • Most small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from accounting software, no matter how many employees you have.
  • It offers online invoices, allowing the user to either use one of the pre-set themes or offering a program that allows users to customize the look of their invoices.
  • The Get Paid plan starts at $4.99 per month and manages credit and debit payments.


There are things I used to do (reports) that I cannot do anymore. They used to offer a service where if you paid a monthly fee you could have immediate chat access with an expert and they would tell you how to do what you needed to do.

You can import customer and vendor data via CSV files downloaded from your email service or enter them manually. Your most efficient route is likely going to be either using the same program to manage invoices and accounting or using a program that will sync with your current application.

Just take your time to learn the tool, ask questions and do a solid comparison to others before you centralize accounting around it – moving platforms is a pain – so think it through. With Kashoo software, you can create and send invoices, track your expenses, set up credit card payments, and generate basic financial reports. It has robust customer service and promises to always connect you with a real human via phone, email, and chat. Wave makes money from financial services that make running your business faster. We offer payroll services in Canada and the U.S. at a super affordable price.

Sometimes when you try to hit 2 birds with one stone you miss them both!!! I’m sorry to hear you had a poor experience with Wave. Best of luck finding the perfect accounting software for your business.

You can also download customer, product and invoice data, and easily create multi-period balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow reports. Wave accounting software is a web-based integrated solution designed for freelancers, consultants and newcomers to small business.

As for which program is best, it really depends on your business and your needs. Both programs offer some features the other doesn’t. And depending on your situation, Zoho Books might be the best fit.

With Express Accounts by NCH Software, you can perform basic accounting tasks such as invoicing and tracking bills and payments. The software works best for Macs and is a little outdated; the NCH website looks trapped in the early ’00s. This bare-bones, no-frills software lets you process debit and credit payments, take care of invoicing, and review basic loss and profit financial information.

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Because as a business owner, customer satisfaction is my number one priority… I’m not out playing golf or on the boat having a party, I’m out there working. Now after I Wave Accounting post this, I am going to all my Social Media Pages, which includes all my Veteran pages, and informing everyone that Wave is NOT the way to go… Quickbooks is the best.

Please read about how this site makes money to better understand how Merchant Maverick delivers real, unbiased reviews to our readers. However, since you can download data from the programs at any time, you can keep your own backups for each quarter, if you wish. There’s no reason most people would need to do that, but if you’re worried about an employee accidentally messing up old entries in your cloud accounting system, it’s not a bad option.

During our time with them we also experienced chargeback fraud. We found out about it when noticed money disappear from our bank account – taken by Wave. No indication, or communication until we discovered it and questioned what had happened.

And the worst thing about these facts is these corporations are not legally obligated to inform their customers of these hacks, let alone in a timely manner. These utility softwares helps in managing accounts of the business. The softwares have many functionalities and features which really helps in accounting and other business management tools.

FAQs about small-business accounting software

Wave Accounting

QuickBooks Online offers integration with hundreds of apps, including Stripe and PayPal, expense-tracking apps like Expensify and Concur, as well as invoicing, time tracking, HR, CRM, and e-commerce apps. There’s also an Apps category on the navigation bar that lets you immediately connect QuickBooks Online to any available apps. Both Wave and QuickBooks Online offer good integration with other software apps. It’s difficult to argue with free, and even tacking on the transaction fees, which you will pay in QuickBooks Online (or any comparable product), too, Wave still wins.

You may need to contact Wave’s customer support to see if you are logged in correctly, as they’d be able to help fix the issue. But I can’t believe that the reviewers don’t even note that Wave does not support cash based accounting, just accrual. Yes, they have a cash flow report – that is an accrual based tool that you can use to manual calculate cash basis.