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Imagine Picture Viewer is a lightweight alternative to the default Image Viewer with Windows, which adds a few basic editing tools.

Imagine Picture Viewer You can view images on your computer, without the complications more images.rhaglenHefyd have a bunch of tools for basic editing tasks such as resizing, cropping, adjustment of brightness and contrast, flipping and turning.

Imagine Picture Viewer also affect a few simple touches to originalllun.gallwch your turning izbranataizobrazhenie in black and white, sepia of properties, or even the brown. And when you have finished editing the image, you can share on Flickr, Picasa, Twitpic and ImageShack from within the program.

That said,Taking into account dylaii Image Viewer imagine some restrictions only allow you to undo actions past and is somewhat slow when editing images larger, but it is better than the viewerEarly Windows „, in any case.

To imagine a program samoleka chiNid Image Viewer for viewing images, but it is useful to make application for the basic editing

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