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You may not know this, but you can choose which set of changes in the address in your browser and IP service number, the exact coordinates internet.Tova not what most people think, but it’s amazing how much different you can do to change DNS on north. Google Wave will soon begin to provide services, so how do you know if it’s better? Kazha.Prosto Namebench I can not download a file and run, and Namebench open without installation. Choose whether you want to change the world (like Google DNS) and regional DNS services, data source (probably, Firefox) and criteria selektsiya.Ako it means nothing to you – do not worry! All you really need to do is click on the „Start“ Benchmark, and Namebench start. tests may take some time, WO better to leave it to work only when you go about your business. Results are displayed in your browser as the default page of graphs and tables. This is great if you are interested in the details, but it can be difficult for a visitor. Fortunately, the search page, it will be very easy to advise you, if you are using the fastest for you usluga.Namebench a clean application that is considering, people may not know. However, it will not help you if you want to change the DNS-server after the test. Because you were in svoemu.Izpolzvayte Namebench, to see if you’re as quick-service – can significantly speed up the work on the Internet!

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