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WhatsApp long before the Web came into the market, Telegram has proposed the desktop version of the application message-oriented security. It could be light on features compared to the likes of Skype, but he is still years ahead of WhatsApp, which is still not release a desktop client (as the creator wants to call).

Cabled with nowhere pryladyDlya to start using Telegram for your desktop, you must sign up for an account in the phone application for Android, iOS, or Windows. Once you have checked your details using the mobile app, you’re ready to start having znosiny.Prykladanne enable mobile messaging contacts, send an unlimited number of audio and video files (in the group, if you choose), and insert emoticons and stickers known world leaders including Gandhi. Telegram for Desktop also integrates well with other social networking services (such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter), showing a preview of the content shared in the application, and also makes Instagram or Twitter mentions in the preview is clickable. However, voice calls and video are now maetstsa.U while your phone contacts are automatically synced with the desktop version, you can also find people through their user name. Notification settings can also be changed for each individual contact – so you can efficiently mute friend, if they send too many messages you One of the strengths telegram is a group chat function !. In contrast to other messaging applications telegram may have more than one administrator. Administrators can change the picture and the name of the group, as well as add or delete users. The service also lets you create groups of up to 1000 people!

ByaspekuByaspeka priority to speed and has always been a major point of differentiation Telegram and this is no different from the desktop version. Messages are encrypted in the cloud, but there is no secret chat (self-destruction, is not stored on the servers of the company, and can not be) option for the desktop version. From a security standpoint desktop client access Telegram for Desktop includes two-factor authentication, so you can make additional steps to stop the entry is not allowed. Program, you can see all the objects / devices used to log into the system and stop the individual WhatsApp zanyatki.Z taken over by Facebook, there is concern about what will happen to the user data, which Telegram hoping to gain ground on its promise to not never sell user dadenyya.Hutkasts plus more important for the telegram. Sending a group of ten images that occur at one time, while the audio and video are also very quick to load and adpravlyats.U while the desktop version may lack the capability of their mobile sister (secret chat, voice mail, and chat groups), it is still great service orders , Notes sync seamlessly across all your devices, and when you have seen a message on one device, it is referred to as read on the other hand, it means that you do not have to deal with various notifications.

WhatsApp you say? Telegram is a reliable alternative to WhatsApp, especially given the fact that the latter still do not have a desktop client. With privacy and security is the key to modern users, Telegram has built a solid place for itself in the market. Desktop client does not appear entirely like Viber and Skype, but if he had the speed and security that you are after, this is the app for you.

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