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Real Times is an application that creates a slide show of your photos and video clips automatically. The app makes it easy to video, complete sharing with storage in the cloud. Although the work is done for you, you can specify which images or videos that you want to use, and much more.

Do something with these photos try your telefonProblemot RealTimes to solve these free pictures and videos from your phone or computer. We take a lot of pictures with our phones, but actually share how many of these images? Real Times takes the monotony of photos and videos together to share with your friends. The application uses the algorithm of Real Madrid, which scans your photos, select those that are best suited. Dark, dark or duplicate images are taken into account so that your slideshow contains only the best. I found the algorithm in most work, but was in favor of people, with the exception of some really good shots. Fortunately, you can add them manually. If you like what you come up with RealTimes first time, you can „remix“ random prikazna.Aplikacijata push it also has video filters, but they are all pretty strange. You’d better add your own filters Instagram or VSCO camera before they create stories RealTimes.Isto also has a social networking aspect RealTimes. Your friends and relatives are notified when you add new photos, record video clips or stories. Fortunately, not to force RealTimes user register. You can still RealTimes stories to share with friends that do not have an account. Sharing the story of Facebook appears as an embedded video that during my tests playing directly in the timeline of your prijateli.Za worked Stories of Real Times flawlessly on my devices. There is no need to export the video in a specific file format. the application automatically converts the video on any platform, with RealPlayer tehnologija.Edna beauty of Real Times that it scans all of your photos, including those who have forgotten. This makes checking make your old photos and fun with friends.

Can be used for free, but it is best to free pretplataRealTimes and comes free with 2GB of cloud storage and is limited to 30 floors. Users can receive additional 5 GB of memory, which can be automatically downloaded apartment. This function will automatically upload all of your photos and videos in the cloud and will be automatically made in the history. You can customize each story before by getting your own music sharing, switching transition effects, or the order of your pictures and videos Change klipovi.Pretplati more space and opportunities. $ 5 monthly network 25GB cloud storage, while the plan for $ 10 per month you get unlimited space. Subscribers also have the ability to book prikazni.Za those who do not want to pay for a month, it is the purchase of $ 1 in addition the ability to unlock and add more photos, change the music and delete imprints Real Times. It’s not going to unlock all these fees, but it will give you some karakteristiki.Koga it comes to music, there is involved a ton of shares in the Music app, but you can add your own if you want. You can also make a loud your personal video Touch. During my tests RealTimes for Android crash kept when you try to write your own music, but I used to poraka.Drug I found a version of the problem that the more stories took a long time to export. Create a four-minute long history as more than 30 minutes, my iPad, a simple solution to export your pictures and videos organizing klipoviRealTimes sets to organize the chaos of the images on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, and it works well. Regardless of whether you need RealTimes down how social you are. If you want to share photos and videos with friends on Facebook, RealTimes large. If you are more of a private person, and tend to enjoy watching your own photos, you will not look the best, RealTimes offer what. Google + also offers similar features to their users for free, paid subscription RealTimes nekoi.So difficult to automate the organization and sharing photos and videos, helping to easily share RealTimes social butterflies your content. You need not worry about any photo or album touches spodeluvanje.Ako organization have tons of pictures and videos and does not know what to do with them, is RealTimes is a great tool to organize and share

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