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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes are all fans of the Marvel heroes could wish. The latest title in the stories Travelers is a fun game that strikes the perfect balance between the world of comics and yellow familiar numero.The lumalakiLego Avengers Marvel Super Heroes minor in history that several villains of the Marvel universe (Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Green Goblin, poison, and Loki) joined forces to destroy world peace. His fatethat all the heroes of this and other planets come together to overcome the evidence that Avengers more whatwe seen in films directed Marvel superheroes byJoss Whedon.Lego are toestablish power is based on many onfilms -ikling comics, and has nearly 150 characters that you can control. Includes most legendary heroes like Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, but also characters that do not quite soheroic, likeAunt May Mary Jane, or haventyet hero in films like Black Panther Union Jack, or Spider-Woman. Ang some characters playable in story mode missions, while others are only available in free mode, especially the villains, as long as you’re going to play the afaction led by Nick Fury.Construction and deconstruction adventuresAng main form inLego Marvel Super Heroes is the way History, which is great knownby playersof standard Lego games. In it, you move around a closed situation, although many wideones and start solving puzzles and killing enemies. If they can also collect pieces and other foreign objects on the road, enjoy some thenyoull surprises.Hindi as other Lego games in which, despite the low level of difficulty, sometimeshave think a little to get to the next stage, Lego Marvel superheroes, the road ahead is clearlylaid out. The game tells you most of the time, what to do next, or through emails (largecharacter you break through that door) or obviousindicators really like Spider-Man Man sense.Sa through simplicity, the game is very nice, as each step is well designed with classic situation totally destructible and resources at different levels lugar.Bukod classicrepetition to unlock new characters and locations, other includeer this open world, where you can make a short mission or just to have the opportunity to explore the city with your favorite characters from the Marvel heroes remain true to its pinagmulanAng most successful Marvel superhero stories like Lego passengers managed to convey the essence of each type of puppets animated characters Alegre. Each superpower of each character proved very successful: they are very similar to comic book heroes and, in return, are very well adapted to the mechanical game.For typical example Hulkcan transformed Bruce Banner’s back, and its destructive power above average ; Spider-Man, there are many ways in which CANUSE networks and Black Widow, in addition to being trained in combat, the team organizer and a cansolvepuzzles.Of course, all power Legosgreat illustrate with humor, but humor is to respect the characteristics of each character in the comics and movies din.Spectacular but unless datiAng engine Lego gamesshows his age. What seemed great for us a few years ago are restricted simply dramatic. But you need more than a game of thought for all ages? characters miraculous not only well designed in terms of their power, but their physical resemblance to the original is also remarkable. Physical main characters as villains or Galactus The Sandman, offers some of the most spectacular ways LEGO Marvel Super heroes.The repeated New York is also remarkable, and works as an open-world situation. If you ever walked through a city of skyscrapers, will be able to identify the object and some of the famous landmarks, all converted, of course, style Lego.Ang guys are also doing a good job, with more than acceptable duplication (although I continue to enjoy the Lego games Undubbed), and a soundtrack based on issues that are composed of different kinds Such films Marvel masayaTravellers matatag.First did it again: made popular franchise and got through in Lego, resulting in incredibly fun Lego laro.Siguro Marvel superhero game is not too difficult, but the respect shown by the miracle, good humor, and characters and different levels make it very enjoyable to play, regardless of age or skill checks.

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