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World is a free online version of EA popular football simulator. You can create your own club to sign players in their team, and compete in online tournaments to prove that you are a football professional.

simplified KanchatkovyU off FIFA World Cup, you need to create your own virtual team and did not carry out. If you are online or against „playing machine“, you will receive an experience reward and coins as you need to register new players. It’s basically a game designed from the image of FIFA Ultimate Team, although sproshchanaya.U In addition to the FIFA World Cup you can bring down your team in Online Seasons. As achieved in the traditional version of FIFA, you will start in the league table of the last (tenth), and you will have to save his rivals to the summit. The problem of every opponent is gradually increasing as you climb up the league table, of course.

Use your mouse and keyboard or geympadaInterfeys FIFA World Cup is similar to the one you get on the FIFA 14: large and well-designed panels, which are easy to understand, and if you’ve never played down Ultimate Team at any FIFA it includes a useful guide .kiravannya FIFA World Cup is very simple: with your mouse, you can choose where you the player to aim for like. With the left mouse button, you make short passages; on the right, you shoot. On the other keys, you can perform certain actions, including changes in players, or take a shot outside his voblastsi.Hots it pretty easy to play with a mouse and keyboard, you will have the best gaming experience with the manager to get. World support gamepads, including Xbox PC friend. If you use the controller is using the right analog stick to dig (you will not get as many options as in FIFA 14, but it is pretty good) .Dont expect any technical tsudMatchy at the World Championship of Online and mobile almost without fail. It is clear that the graphics engine is a simplified version of FIFA 14, so even if it is very good, not anything extraordinary chakats.Z other hand, the sound effects are very poor.

The best free soccer matchPerad how to play, you should be aware that the World Cup is not a state of the art games. Its purpose is to show how much fun mode of FIFA Ultimate Team can be. In fact, if you make FIFA 14 already, it really does feel like downloading FIFA World Cup. If you do not have it and are looking for a free and good quality game of football, FIFA World Cup is an excellent choice.

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